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Guest Artist Biographies and their Classes:

NYC CIgroup & 100Grand announce
Ongoing Weekly Class in CONTACT
MONDAYS 10-12  $12

Study the principles of Contact that is in high demand
among contemporary dance companies all over the world.  Sensation building, center connection & finding the safe edge of risk..

Contact Improvisation is a partnering dance form. Skills such as rolling, releasing, giving and supporting weight, expanding range of spatial concentration, lifting, catching and falling all help one move with and through gravity, share weight in motion, and use momentum and flow in physical contact. These weekly classes, open to people of all levels of movement experience, are informed by the individual artist faculty.



Cori Kresge
10-noon $15

Geared towards professional dancers who need to get warm and ready for their day without unnecessary stress, this 2 hour class will draw from fundamental principles of ballet, Cunningham, and other techniques, while finding opportunities for more ease, softness, and clarity in action. We will have a meditative beginning and proceed with a curious exploration of weight shifting, articulation, extension, balancing, turning, and jumping.
Cori Kresge is a NYC based dancer/performer. She has a BFA in dance from SUNY Purchase and the Dean’s Award for “breaking the mold”. In 2005 Kresge received a Darmasiswa International Scholarship, studying Balinese dance in Indonesia. She was a member of the Merce Cunningham Repertory Understudy Group, José Navas/Compagnie Flak, and Stephen Petronio Company. She currently works with various artists including Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener, Bill Young, Xavier Cha, Sarah Skaggs, Ellen Cornfield, Rebecca Lazier, Wendy Osserman, Esme Boyce, Glitter Kitty Productions, multi-media artist Liz Magic Laser, and film maker Zuzka Kurtz.



Ongoing Fridays 10-noon $12

A slow dance technique class specifically geared towards the integration of newly learned patterns of movement and thought. Class is based on the essential principles of the body and mind in movement, based on the work of Susan Klein and myself, and my many years of research and teaching. The goal of class is to bridge the gap between the slow and focused in depth work done in the stretch/ placement classes and moving and dancing. It utilizes and explains, through movement, the importance of the pelvis in relationship to efficiency and clarity of movement and then weaves together all of the important connections in the body. These connections facilitate clarity, articulation, and coordination, for powerful and rich moving. Each class begins with a thorough, barre based warm-up, and ends with a phrase to bring all the parts of the class brought together to create the whole. It is recommended, but not a requirement, that students have had some experience with Klein Technique or with Barbara Mahler.

An ongoing faculty member of Movement Research, is a certified teacher of and major contributor to Klein Technique. She has taught classes for 28 years plus, teaching a generation of performers. She is s a widely respected movement educator, choreographer, performer, and body worker and has traveled extensively. She has received commissions, grants, and research residencies, including the Sage Cowles Land Grant, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; the Skolen for Moderne Dance, Denmark; The Harkness Center, NYC (92 Street Y and Hunter College); New Dance (MPLS); Meet the Composer; The Cultural Foundations of Chile, and Canada; Dance Alliansen, and Dance International Programme,Sweden; among othersBarbara was a Movement Research artist in residence for the 2000-01 and the 2006-08 season,, a movement consultant at Hunter College, NYC, and a recent graduate from the MFA program at the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her choreography draws upon the intricate and infinite possibilities of the textures of time, space and the (her) body to create dances, which subtly reveal characters, emotions and stories.They are spare and articulate, intimate and non-linear narratives. Barbara’s choreography is consistent with her teaching vision and work, exploring the endless possibilities that the body can reveal. As well she is a certified practitioner and Senior Teacher of Zero Balancing,a hands on healing modality. http://www.barbaramahler.net

OPEN MOVMENT JAM  Monday nights 7pm

CONTACT IMPROV JAM Tuesday nights 7pm